Wednesday, February 1, 2023

 Why did the raindrops fall so harshly on the 

beautiful blooming flower

making it wither before smiling at the world

why did he change the way he looked at her

filling his eyes with hatred

making her burn in the fire of pain 

why does he think the rose 

is full of thorns

though its fragrance and tender petals 

allure the world /

Thursday, May 13, 2021

They will

 And they will kill me they will kill me

Because  I don't agree with them

And they will kill me they will kill me

Because I love my land

And they will kill me they will kill me

Because I am not ashamed of myself

And they will kill me they will kill me

Because I don't hate my leader 

And they will kill me they will kill me

Because I am true to myself 

And they will kill me they will kill me

Because they think I don't deserve to live 

Monday, April 19, 2021


The smell of death is nearing again

This time, the scent of red roses  

Filled the air and touched my senses 

Making death pleasant to bear. 

So, my darling, remember 

To wrap me in red roses 

Sans its thorns 

To  leave good fragrance 
As I leave

Thursday, January 14, 2021


 She was worried about the wound on her feet

And she about her housemates

While he was counting his votes

The other was preparing for her victory

As I looked out of my window 

There were no lovers yet

As she bathed and lay on her bed

The phone rang, her daughter left this abode

It was midnight

She stretched her numb hands

To pay her daughter's last bill

Her husband rang the bell to wake up 

The dress maker for her funeral

While the other lady 

Living across the street

Celebrates her stardom.

Monday, January 11, 2021


 I embraced him, tightly

When the two bodies melted, into each other

Two hearts becoming one

And soon, he vanished 

There was nothing to hold on

Everything merged into nothingness 

Emptiness filled again

And you walk your path alone

Floating through life! 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Even an ounce matters

 Even an ounce matters 

A milligram of medicine 

Can cure your disease

A small particle of dust 

Can cause you to wheeze

A microscopic virus 

Can halt the world

Even an ounce matters!

A bit of love brings a smile and hope

A little bit of care can make life better

A ray of sunshine can make life brighter 

A small vibration can change the galaxy 

The world is moved by a small force

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Like a glow worm

 Like a glow worm

She shone on his window

As though pausing to share

Some magical moments

Before her short span of life

Gets over on this planet

She shines vividly

Daring to enter his room

As he quietly watches 

The myriad luminescence

Though splendid but uninvited

Unwanted, she watches herself 

And admiring her glow 

Fades into the darkness 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Hanging up

It is time to hang up my womb
Which never had any purpose 
But went along with the moon
Waxing, waning and bleeding too
What a strange piece of being 
To look and wonder 
What a pain of life it is! 

Shining star

 They said you are a coward
To turn away from life 
They called you a man of vices 
Because the devils laughed 
pointing their dirty fingers at you 
Nobody can be as pure as you 
Not as lively as you
You lived and wanted to live 
A vibrant life in the highest 
Levels of existence 
You shined and still shines 
Intensely like a divine light
That will shine eternally 
As a symbol of mankind
The best you can be! 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Will love you even after I die

The smell of death is coming from all quarters
And here is a life that still  can't understand what it is to be alive
She is running with all her spirit
Ignoring all the eyes that are trying to stare through her
Pushing aside the hands
That are trying to hold her
To own her
She has to reach her little one
Who stays across the sea
She has to reach there before death engulfs her own mortal self
To embrace her precious little one
And to tell her
That she loves her dearly
And will continue to love her
Even after death engulfs her own mortal self

Nothing that can stop me now

 Stunned by the world
No words to utter
No moves to make
In complete stillness
There is nothing that matters

Friends call, we talk
We are shouting but still
Unable to hear each other
It is two different worlds
There is nothing more to say

Strangers come, they talk
They probe, they check
Can you play the part in their
Fantasy game
There is nothing I can offer

I shed myself of my outer covering by
I don't feel the chill anymore
There is more fire
That is burning within
There is nothing that can stop me now

Sunday, April 19, 2020

The smell of death

The smell of death

The smell of death is sweeping in through the courtyard
I breath it in slowly
Awful in the beginning
But as it slowly enters
My whole body
Reaching each cells
It ignites a fresh flame of light
Of  a new life
With a sweet fragrance
Vivid colours and splendid hues
Love life


I saw the fear in her eyes
It was unbelievable
How could she be afraid?
She always walked boldly
Through the crowd,
on the stage and through the dark  alleys
I looked deeper into her eyes
But couldn't recognise the fear
And walked back fearlessly
Unaware of the calamity
That is claiming lives, all around me!