Friday 31 July 2015

Who are you?

In the darkness and the drizzle
As the breeze brushed by
Sitting in the shadow of his image
In that silence, he asked
Who are you?

I am nobody, my heart muttered
Searching each corner of my being
For an answer, I stared blankly
At his dark image that was ready
To laugh at my insignificance

My failure, my nothingness, my helplessness
The life that I lead into obscurity each day
Being nothing and nobody
Ignorant of the world and the life
Waiting anxiously for the final moment

Thursday 23 July 2015

If you are

If you are born, my dear
Make sure you choose a rich home
For, if you have wealth, my dear
People will befriend you

If you speak, my dear
Make sure you speak
What others want to hear, dear
So that you remain their friend

If you do something, dear
Make sure you do
What others want you to do, dear
That you will be called good

If you want to live, dear
Make sure you live
The way that others want, dear
Otherwise it will be impossible to live

If you are born, dear
Be ready for the worst
Because the world is kind only to their kind!

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Life stared back at her

She was walking together with life
Hand in hand step to step
Suddenly Life moved ahead
And looked back at her and stared
Asking her many questions
For which she had no answer

She stayed still, listening
To what life had to say
Her feet felt heavy
Unable to move
She stared into eternity

Friday 26 June 2015

The miracle called life

Thank you for the birds and the flowers
And all that you have made
The buzzing of the bee
The sounds of the bells
The colours of the world
The smells and the taste
Thank you for all that you made
Thank you for the Miracle called life!

Divine light

All the Heart's desires
Melted away slowly
Leaving it blank
To reflect the divine light

Weaning off

Like lightning His hands worked
Weaning off all the heart's connections
To break free of wordily bondage
And get closer to Him

The precious pearls

The precious pearls of the world
Crushed under the unfortunate fate
May the angels protect you
From the stain and the pain
Holding you close and kissing you sweetly
May your closed eyes see the eternal peace

(After the tragedy where five school children were killed when a tree fell on the school van- June 26, 2015)

Take the trophy

To reach the stars and to be one among them
To clear your path of all the thorns
To hold your hand to give you courage
To keep you safe from all the vile
And to watch you shine from afar

You take the trophy
And I shall help you reach

Thank you for all the love

Thank you for all the love
The showers from above
The smiles that brightens the world
The pulse that connects the lives
The secret potion of life
Thank you for all the love

Thank you for helping to be alive

Thursday 30 April 2015


As the planets moved on their path
Tirelessly, undoubtedly
Like the sun rising and setting
Faithfully, unfailingly
Part of the vast cosmos
They moved about
With the duties of the world!


Thank you

for the momentary walk with me.....