Thursday 30 April 2015


As the planets moved on their path
Tirelessly, undoubtedly
Like the sun rising and setting
Faithfully, unfailingly
Part of the vast cosmos
They moved about
With the duties of the world!

Moved with the Divine

Embraced by the universe
Comforted by unknown arms
Spoken to by the Cosmos
Heard by the space
Loved by the world
Moved with the divine


Words, it is words again
That let her feelings flow
Into the space, into eternity
Absorbed by the silence
Taking the pain with it

Towards Destiny

Falling again into the pot holes of life
She lifted herself up
Looking at the vagaries of the illusory world
Longing yet loathing
The worldly ties that weaves a web of trap
Pulling you into its depths
Again and again
Forcing to move ahead steadily
Towards the destiny

Tuesday 28 April 2015


Like the still waters of a vast ocean
Like the darkness inside a long tunnel
Like a tune that is connecting the universe
The silence spoke of the harmony

Thursday 26 February 2015

Grown on me!

Unexpectedly unknowingly
You have grown on me
Your tender hands, longing eyes
Loving heart and crazy mind
Your wise words and your thoughts
My sweet angel, unknowingly
You have grown on me

I had looked at you suspiciously
But you gave the sweetest smile ever
The deepest love and utmost faith
Though I like to walk free
I had to turn back at you and pause
And watch you blossom with love
As you grow on me!!!

Tuesday 30 December 2014

The Last Flower

That last flower has also fallen
The last smile fading
Free of the pain and the agony
That had passed through her mind
She walks trying to leave behind herself
To leave behind the world
Into the silence, the stillness
Where the flowers don't bloom, feelings aren't felt !

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Captive !

The naive tender souls
With no malice in their hearts
Look terrified;
Terrified in the protective arms
of their tyrant protectors
Caged by the harsh rules
Unable to laugh their heart full
To play with their free will
The hands they extend
The pure hands which haven't seen
Not seen any discrimination
Are fearfully withdrawn
The angry looks that loomed
That loomed infront of them
Held them captive
Captive with the mind of the adults
Their cruel minds!

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Dont cry for me, India

Dont cry for me, India
When I lived, You laughed
Eager to call me names
Which I couldnt bear to hear
Hurling me with sharp words
That hurt my innermost being
Unwanted and unaccepted
You crushed me under your feet
As I perish and fade away
Dont cry for me, India!

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Can the tree be blamed

Can the tree be blamed for not bearing the fruit
the bird likes
The wind, the sun, the moon and the earth
nurtured her
Nature made her bloom, with lovely flowers with
special fragrance
And soon luscious fruits appeared with her being
unaware of it
The Bird darted towards her eager to savour them
in delight
Not the one it was looking for, the bird glared at the tree
loathing it
Unsure, the tree looked on, puzzled at the rage
of the bird
Can the tree blamed for not bearing the fruit
the bird wanted!


Thank you

for the momentary walk with me.....