Monday, July 23, 2007


The world looks brighter
I could see smiling faces all around
They were kind and friendly
And made me feel good
It was not very long back
That these faces had a frown
And weren’t too kind
But they had changed, and it made me happy
I looked again and found that they were the same
It didn’t take me long to realize
That it was me who had changed!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The day was bright and pleasant
There was laughter and happiness

Suddenly my world shook
And there was fury

I was in the abyss again
All alone in the dark

I looked for some known faces
But there were none

I was all alone in the darkest of the darkness
And I looked up to Him for help

He was there for me as always
He scooped me in his arms and brought me up yet again!

Friday, July 6, 2007


I was trying to sleep when he rushed in
He said there was a snake in our guest room

I didn’t believe him at first, thought it was one of his pranks
But no, there really was a snake

Our aunt and her two sons were in the room
I was worried. They were still inside but were calm

I could see them through the window
The snake was trying to escape from under the door

It was not trying to attack nevertheless we were panicking
And ready to attack it and kill!

It sensed our intention and quickly retreated inside
And hid behind the chest of draw

Instead of helping it get out safely
I handed him a stick which he asked for

He hit it and killed it, never to want it inside our house again
And I watched helplessly with a heavy heart

Wishing I had the courage to let the poor creature go without hurting it!