Saturday, November 21, 2015

She Ran

She ran, rushing to the door
With all the words
Gathered inside her
Eager to shower it
On him who waited
At the other side of the alley
But as she reached there
Her words froze
Unable to let them out
She swallowed them
With her tears!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Like tiny droplets of water

The love, the delight, the magic
All trapped in tiny droplets of water
Falling on the colocasia leaves
Which holds them in its palm
Without getting wet
And letting them roll out

Without leaving any mark on it!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Open cage

She opened the door of the cage
The one inside her heart
Allowing her pet bird to fly
Freely without being bound
By the strings of  her heart
She let the bird free
Waiting for it to return
Into the the open cage
Whenever it wishes
To feed on her love

Monday, November 2, 2015


Want to kiss your eyes and taste your tears
To be part of your pain and share
Until it's completely wiped away
And feel the joy and smile with you
As the world brings a new dawn!

And she came

And she came
Early in the morning
On her way to her god
Ruthlessly plucked all the leaves
From the plant
Leaving it bare and naked
To offer it to her God
But why would He want
Her to bring something that
He created with a part of Himself
Hurting and Killing His own presence
To seek Him from eternity.

God is closer in the plant than in her Mind
Would she open her eyes and see, one day!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Let there be

Let there be sweetness
Of the Air, Water and Plants
Of people, animals and birds
Let the minds be pure
The thoughts not clashing
Preserving the beauty of life!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bed of Roses

Trying to pluck the rose
She was pricked by the thorn
Her heart bled
Turning back, she saw 
A bed of roses 
Laid out for her
And she slept on it
Like a child in the womb
Of the Mother Earth
Caressed by her compassionate love

The earth

With the moon as its flower
The ocean draping her
The Stars Shining around her
Brimming with life
The earth paints
A beautiful world
Burying all the pain
And hiding all the dirt
In its bosom

A part

The tree gave me a part of it
I didn't realize how much
Pain passed through its nerves
Until I had to cut a part of me
To give to someone
I don't even know!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Only what you like

You want to hear only what you like
To feel only the nice things in life
But everything is packed
With both good and bad
You savour the good,endure the bad
The pain always makes the gain sweeter!
Tide over the bad with a smile
To have what you like
As you walk carrying the mixed bag of life!

Monday, October 12, 2015


She chose to be silent
To hear His voice
She chose to be pure
With only His thoughts
Allowing herself be
A tool in His hands
Without altering
The beauty that He created


Like in a flute, the wind turns to music
Passing the seven notes, the chakras
The stomach like the accordion
Creating waves to pass through the hollow
The whole body becoming an instrument
Where you can play your own music

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


You are like gems
That shine brightly
In many colours
Making the world
A beautiful place

Holding on to your
Presence, the support
The strength and the love
Thank you for making my life
A beautiful journey!!

Looking up to You

Looking up to You
For an answer
To know where to go
And what to do
I don't trust in me
But in You
Want to melt away
Every bit of me
So that You will
Fill me entirely
And lead me in the right way

Part of Nature

Living in concrete buildings
Wearing gloves, boots and masks
Keeping away from the soil
Safely aloof from other creatures
Appreciating all man made things
Believing in only what is proven
To the worldly science
One can't but realise
That we are part of this Universe
One among all the creatures
The planets and all the stars
Our lives connected
With the marvel of the universe
No human mightier than nature
No science greater than universal truth. 

Monday, September 28, 2015


Yours was a special life
Bound to your bed
Hidden from the world
You might have had lot of pain
Words that couldn't find voice
Feelings that couldn't find expression
And today as you bid farewell to this world
Hope your soul is finally rejoicing
To be able to fly freely
Not bound by the lamed body.

After death of a relative who was bedridden all his life.

Like the Moon

The moon that shines brightly
In the evening sky
Brighter as it draws closer to the Sun
Merely reflecting its light
So are we dark and empty
Without the light of the Divine
That we reflect
Shining brighter and brighter
As we get closer to the Light

After watching the Supermoon on Sep 29th early morning

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The cottony seed

Like the cottony seed
With the delicate beard like covering
She held you in her hand
Gently without spoiling your plumage
Carrying the precious life
Blowing slowly without hurting you
She made you fly, fly into the beautiful world!

To the world above

Losing the grip from the hands that held you
You fall unprepared, fearfully, into darkness
Unaware of the depth and the danger
You let go of all that was held close to the heart
Your mind shuts its eyes, blind to the world
You start rising up, unaware, to the world above!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shining soul

The shining soul
That which you like to hold and own
In your greed to possess
You manifest, your nails grow sharp
Your eyes go blind
Heart gets ruthless and unkind
You tear apart the soul
And the heart bleeds
Let the soul be free and float happily
Reaching its destination with the love of the world

The parting pain

The pain that penetrates through your heart
When a part of your being gets sliced away
That which had become part of your soul
Suddenly gets detached and moves away
Leaving you to heal by yourself
And grow fresh twigs of life

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Be ready to fly

Be ready to fly
Smoothing your wings
Choosing your target
Gaining all your strength
Steadying your mind
And as you fly high
I will watch you
Proudly, happily
As the tears wipe away all the pain!!

Letting you go

You might have come with a purpose
And I don't question you
I accept you with open hands
Accepting what god has offered
Whatever man might may say
I listen to His voice
Will hold you for a while
And let you go when you need to fly!!!

without any ruffle

She left the words behind
Those that are just sounds
That fizzles out in the space
Some might be music and some
That might break the chords
The words she left behind
Lay peacefully without
Any ruffle in the universe


The bubble in your hand
So lovely and colorful
A beautiful world
Filled with fantasies and joy
But don't be lost when it bursts
The bubbles are meant to be so
Treasures of life not to be possessed
But to watch and let it go
Watch each bubble and enjoy
The world that brings with it!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Who are you?

In the darkness and the drizzle
As the breeze brushed by
Sitting in the shadow of his image
In that silence, he asked
Who are you?

I am nobody, my heart muttered
Searching each corner of my being
For an answer, I stared blankly
At his dark image that was ready
To laugh at my insignificance

My failure, my nothingness, my helplessness
The life that I lead into obscurity each day
Being nothing and nobody
Ignorant of the world and the life
Waiting anxiously for the final moment

Thursday, July 23, 2015

If you are

If you are born, my dear
Make sure you choose a rich home
For, if you have wealth, my dear
People will befriend you

If you speak, my dear
Make sure you speak
What others want to hear, dear
So that you remain their friend

If you do something, dear
Make sure you do
What others want you to do, dear
That you will be called good

If you want to live, dear
Make sure you live
The way that others want, dear
Otherwise it will be impossible to live

If you are born, dear
Be ready for the worst
Because the world is kind only to their kind!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life stared back at her

She was walking together with life
Hand in hand step to step
Suddenly Life moved ahead
And looked back at her and stared
Asking her many questions
For which she had no answer

She stayed still, listening
To what life had to say
Her feet felt heavy
Unable to move
She stared into eternity

Friday, June 26, 2015

The miracle called life

Thank you for the birds and the flowers
And all that you have made
The buzzing of the bee
The sounds of the bells
The colours of the world
The smells and the taste
Thank you for all that you made
Thank you for the Miracle called life!

Divine light

All the Heart's desires
Melted away slowly
Leaving it blank
To reflect the divine light

Weaning off

Like lightning His hands worked
Weaning off all the heart's connections
To break free of wordily bondage
And get closer to Him

The precious pearls

The precious pearls of the world
Crushed under the unfortunate fate
May the angels protect you
From the stain and the pain
Holding you close and kissing you sweetly
May your closed eyes see the eternal peace

(After the tragedy where five school children were killed when a tree fell on the school van- June 26, 2015)

Take the trophy

To reach the stars and to be one among them
To clear your path of all the thorns
To hold your hand to give you courage
To keep you safe from all the vile
And to watch you shine from afar

You take the trophy
And I shall help you reach

Thank you for all the love

Thank you for all the love
The showers from above
The smiles that brightens the world
The pulse that connects the lives
The secret potion of life
Thank you for all the love

Thank you for helping to be alive

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Like the planets

As the planets moved on their path
Tirelessly, undoubtedly
Like the sun rising and setting
Faithfully, unfailingly
Part of the vast cosmos
They moved about
With the duties of the world!

Moved with the Divine

Embraced by the universe
Comforted by unknown arms
Spoken to by the Cosmos
Heard by the space
Loved by the world
Moved with the divine


Words, it is words again
That let her feelings flow
Into the space, into eternity
Absorbed by the silence
Taking the pain with it

Towards Destiny

Falling again into the pot holes of life
She lifted herself up
Looking at the vagaries of the illusory world
Longing yet loathing
The worldly ties that weaves a web of trap
Pulling you into its depths
Again and again
Forcing to move ahead steadily
Towards the destiny

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Like the still waters of a vast ocean
Like the darkness inside a long tunnel
Like a tune that is connecting the universe
The silence spoke of the harmony

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grown on me!

Unexpectedly unknowingly
You have grown on me
Your tender hands, longing eyes
Loving heart and crazy mind
Your wise words and your thoughts
My sweet angel, unknowingly
You have grown on me

I had looked at you suspiciously
But you gave the sweetest smile ever
The deepest love and utmost faith
Though I like to walk free
I had to turn back at you and pause
And watch you blossom with love
As you grow on me!!!