Friday, September 28, 2007

The Choice

Through the narrow winding roads she walked
Overcoming the countless obstacles

Stumbling and struggling, she took newer steps
Until she came to the cross roads

It was time to make decisions, to make choices
Which she had to take on her own

She looked around, broadening her view
World became clearer, as she got an overview of things

There were two paths right in front of her
She could choose either, it was her choice

It was her choice indeed, she only needed to see
And choose which path to take

The path of happiness or the path of sorrow!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Battle of Life!

Like warriors they marched
Their bodies wounded and bleeding
Fighting with all their might
They couldn't quit the battle
The battle of life!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Petty Sentiments and Tears

Petty sentiments and persistent tears have no meaning
These words were stamped on my heart
Its weight made me feel very heavy
And I collapsed, I was speechless
I looked up, the world stared at me in silence

Why was I so petty and why did I shed those tears?
It’s only love and joy that people like to share
Not petty sentiments about the world around
It’s not your tears that people want from you
But its laughter and pleasure that they seek

Keep thy feelings for the world to thyself
Shed tears only in the dark and in the rain
Nobody understands thy better than thyself
We are our best friends and let us love ourselves!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


‘Life’s Uncertainty’ is what the father said
After the cruel fate took his dear son away without any warning
Life has been unkind to them. And we ask “why”??
But there is no answer, even if there is, it can’t be understood.
This is the harsh reality of life, and we need to accept.

Wonder if joy and sorrow aren’t meant for everyone
Or are the blessed ones meant to spread love and happiness
To feel the pain and to listen to the hardships of the world!
There is nothing that can replace the losses in life
But can only wish life won’t be too hard again

Can we trade some of our joy for the sorrows of the world
To Forgo some of our pleasures to see a happier world?