Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A New World

Wipe out the tears
Wash away the pain

Bring in some love
Ring in a new dawn

Let there be no blood shed
No hatred or vengeance

Light the minds of those in the dark
Who wage war for no real reason

Let not the innocents pay the price
For ignorant crimes of the few

Flood the world with beauty
Kindness and strength

Let us care for our world, our people
Share with our fellow beings

And create a better world
For the new tender souls!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Am I blessed to get the love of my life
To feel the fragrance of the beautiful romance
To see the beauty of the world and to smile

Will love last, beauty lost and fragrance faded
I wish you will be with me till the end of time
But nothing lasts, it is true, love is no exception

If ever you decide to go I want you to know
That the sweet memories you leave behind
Will take me till the end of my life

To die in your arms is my prayer though!

Monday, November 19, 2007


It was after much despair
That I came to realize
How better life is
With out the word desire

Desire which made me whine
For want of things far beyond
There was no need to seek them
When all I wanted was happiness
That was just a few steps away!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The endless search

As she searched for the answers she realized
That she has been moving in circles all the while

There would be no end to the search
No answers to the myriad questions

That was the truth and as she turned back
Life welcomed her back with open arms

And she decided to live, to live every moment!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

No Words

There are no words that the heart wants to speak
No song that it wants to sing

It has blinded itself to the world around
Looking only at life within

There are no sorrows or any desires
No pain or any joy

Like how a child’s chord with his mother is cut
Its chord with the world has been severed

Without any bonding it carries on steadily
Not letting the harsh realities cause a stir within!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Chennai Rain

Rain in Chennai is very rare
As though the gods never cared

And when it finally lashed
Quite a lot it washed

The soot, the grime and the cloggy drains
Perhaps even many hearts

While the hearts started singing
The city was brimming

Water once so scarce
Began to give a scare

Did I hear him pray?
For the rains to go away!

It’s not hard to tell
Why the rains don’t befall

We aren’t ready for the downpour
And when we really are hope it creates wonder

Making the city greener, better, richer and happier!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


My guard slipped off and her words pierced me like sharp arrows
Draining my heart of love and beauty
There was no glow on my face anymore as a frown replaced it
Why this unhappiness, hurt and insecurity?
These aren’t the feelings that I want to nurture within
I fell again but managed to rise as I let love and beauty back
This is the wonderful world I want, filled with love and beauty
I put my guard back right in place not to let love drain out again!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Choice

Through the narrow winding roads she walked
Overcoming the countless obstacles

Stumbling and struggling, she took newer steps
Until she came to the cross roads

It was time to make decisions, to make choices
Which she had to take on her own

She looked around, broadening her view
World became clearer, as she got an overview of things

There were two paths right in front of her
She could choose either, it was her choice

It was her choice indeed, she only needed to see
And choose which path to take

The path of happiness or the path of sorrow!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Battle of Life!

Like warriors they marched
Their bodies wounded and bleeding
Fighting with all their might
They couldn't quit the battle
The battle of life!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Petty Sentiments and Tears

Petty sentiments and persistent tears have no meaning
These words were stamped on my heart
Its weight made me feel very heavy
And I collapsed, I was speechless
I looked up, the world stared at me in silence

Why was I so petty and why did I shed those tears?
It’s only love and joy that people like to share
Not petty sentiments about the world around
It’s not your tears that people want from you
But its laughter and pleasure that they seek

Keep thy feelings for the world to thyself
Shed tears only in the dark and in the rain
Nobody understands thy better than thyself
We are our best friends and let us love ourselves!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


‘Life’s Uncertainty’ is what the father said
After the cruel fate took his dear son away without any warning
Life has been unkind to them. And we ask “why”??
But there is no answer, even if there is, it can’t be understood.
This is the harsh reality of life, and we need to accept.

Wonder if joy and sorrow aren’t meant for everyone
Or are the blessed ones meant to spread love and happiness
To feel the pain and to listen to the hardships of the world!
There is nothing that can replace the losses in life
But can only wish life won’t be too hard again

Can we trade some of our joy for the sorrows of the world
To Forgo some of our pleasures to see a happier world?

Friday, August 31, 2007

A Flower

It was a pleasant summer morning
She stood under the tree which had lovely lavender blooms

Suddenly a wind blew
And the flowers fell on her like a shower of blessing

She felt very blessed as she enjoyed the wonderful feel
And sat down and gently picked one flower from the ground

The flower she preserved and stayed with her for long
It was a treasure, time captured in those tender petals

A token to look back and enjoy the beautiful moment!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Dry Leaf

The leaf was dry
It knew life was nearing the end

The corners of it started curling up
There was nothing for it to look for in the world

The world around it was dry
There were no rains, no river, nor any lake

But out of the blue, a kind soul came
And showered it with a pot full of water

The leaf looked out in bewilderment
It couldn’t believe what was happening

The leaf suddenly straightened up
The dried parts came alive, it became green

It was a pretty picture
With tiny droplets of water resting on it

The breeze saying sweet nothings
And brushing gently against it and making it sway along

The world looked brighter
All straightened up it looked around eagerly

Enjoying the world around
It thanked the kind soul who brought Life back

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Soaked in his love

Soaked in his love, she walks through the deserted moonlit street
It’s raining and you hear the thunder as the lightning strikes
Almost naked, she tries to cover herself
The wind is chilly and the rain drops pierce through her body
She tries to walk, dragging her feet
The rain is heavy and she is completely drenched;
Fully soaked in his love
She drags herself to the other end of the road for shelter.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Tears rolled down her face
There was nobody to wipe them off

She knew there won’t be anyone for her
All the pain were hers alone

Like the corals on the sea bed she lived
Unable to go to the world above

To feel the heat of the sun and to glow in its light
Only her tears understood her pain and it rolled down her cheeks.

Monday, July 23, 2007


The world looks brighter
I could see smiling faces all around
They were kind and friendly
And made me feel good
It was not very long back
That these faces had a frown
And weren’t too kind
But they had changed, and it made me happy
I looked again and found that they were the same
It didn’t take me long to realize
That it was me who had changed!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The day was bright and pleasant
There was laughter and happiness

Suddenly my world shook
And there was fury

I was in the abyss again
All alone in the dark

I looked for some known faces
But there were none

I was all alone in the darkest of the darkness
And I looked up to Him for help

He was there for me as always
He scooped me in his arms and brought me up yet again!

Friday, July 6, 2007


I was trying to sleep when he rushed in
He said there was a snake in our guest room

I didn’t believe him at first, thought it was one of his pranks
But no, there really was a snake

Our aunt and her two sons were in the room
I was worried. They were still inside but were calm

I could see them through the window
The snake was trying to escape from under the door

It was not trying to attack nevertheless we were panicking
And ready to attack it and kill!

It sensed our intention and quickly retreated inside
And hid behind the chest of draw

Instead of helping it get out safely
I handed him a stick which he asked for

He hit it and killed it, never to want it inside our house again
And I watched helplessly with a heavy heart

Wishing I had the courage to let the poor creature go without hurting it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The boys were gone and I was alone
It felt like my world was crumbling down

It was darkness all around
Life became still and I froze

I looked for some light
There wasnt any ray of hope

I fumbled, struggling to be on my feet
I turned back and started to retreat

I was choking and felt so heavy with grief
When suddenly I felt two little hands on my arms

I turned around and saw the two smiling faces
I was back in my world.

The Men n the Machine

They came, the Men with the Machine
They were loud and mean
They woke up the whole neighbourhood
And took away our homes

Yes, they were loud and mean
Who never cared for our life
I flew away with my friend
And perched on the nearby wall

As we sat looking at the place
Which was ours until a while ago
We wondered where to find a home again
We looked afar but found no place to go

There were no green, no trees or bushes
It was all tall towers of concrete and glass
This wasnt how god had made it
But its the Men and their Machine that made us homeless overnight.

Thank you

There's a new dawn , a new song
A cool gentle breeze caressing the face

There's a new joy and laughter
A whole new world that i belong

There's a new strength, a greater resolve
A helping hand waiting to take you ashore

There's a new light and new way
A sweet tender smile straight from the soul

There's beauty all around, it's lovely
A heart filled with happiness and love

There's no escape, nowhere to hide
And here's a thank you for making me feel the way i do.