Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Dry Leaf

The leaf was dry
It knew life was nearing the end

The corners of it started curling up
There was nothing for it to look for in the world

The world around it was dry
There were no rains, no river, nor any lake

But out of the blue, a kind soul came
And showered it with a pot full of water

The leaf looked out in bewilderment
It couldn’t believe what was happening

The leaf suddenly straightened up
The dried parts came alive, it became green

It was a pretty picture
With tiny droplets of water resting on it

The breeze saying sweet nothings
And brushing gently against it and making it sway along

The world looked brighter
All straightened up it looked around eagerly

Enjoying the world around
It thanked the kind soul who brought Life back

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