Monday, January 28, 2008

I rejoice

Like a whiff of fresh fragrance
In the cool gentle breeze
You came and made me relish
The beautiful feeling

As you awaken my heart and soul
And soothe them with lovely words
That comes straight from your heart;
I rejoice!


She fought without realising
That she already lost the battle

There are some things in life
Which you can't fight for

God knowingly gives you
Things that you dearly need

Sometimes when you lose
Don’t have to feel heart broken

Since He will bring you
Things that you dearly need!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trusting in You

Is He testing me always
By throwing hurdles at me?

Is He trying to come closer
By taking people far from me?

He taught me about people
How easily they change colour!

It is only in Him I can trust
Who pulls me up each time I fall

He is my strength, my saviour
And He has blessed me abundantly

I thank Him for his unconditional love,
For showing the light and the way

And bringing blessed people close to me;
Without whom it wouldn't have been easy!