Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trusting in You

Is He testing me always
By throwing hurdles at me?

Is He trying to come closer
By taking people far from me?

He taught me about people
How easily they change colour!

It is only in Him I can trust
Who pulls me up each time I fall

He is my strength, my saviour
And He has blessed me abundantly

I thank Him for his unconditional love,
For showing the light and the way

And bringing blessed people close to me;
Without whom it wouldn't have been easy!



Dear Supriya,

I am impressed with the wonderful touching poems you have in your blog.

Thanks for making a remark about sopana sangeetham. My only concern was that if we start demanding for different identity for music used in every dance form in this country then there will no end to demands and controversy and it will only confuse the next generation. Of course let us respect the special charecterestics in music developed over the years suiting a particular dance form. For instance ragam puraneeru found in Kathakali is not available in Carnatic music.

This doesnt mean that sopanam is not Carnatic. In this case every dance fiorm in the North such as Kathak, Odissi etc can say what they use in not Hindustani.

Odissi dance community is already demanding to declare their music as Orissi sangeet.

Where are we leading?

Primary concerns such as opportunity, security, Insurance, housing for professional artists are not being taken care so far nor we do have a cultural policy in this country.

Wish you could communicate with me at so that I can bore you more....

Lots of love,


atanu said...
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