Wednesday, September 30, 2015


You are like gems
That shine brightly
In many colours
Making the world
A beautiful place

Holding on to your
Presence, the support
The strength and the love
Thank you for making my life
A beautiful journey!!

Looking up to You

Looking up to You
For an answer
To know where to go
And what to do
I don't trust in me
But in You
Want to melt away
Every bit of me
So that You will
Fill me entirely
And lead me in the right way

Part of Nature

Living in concrete buildings
Wearing gloves, boots and masks
Keeping away from the soil
Safely aloof from other creatures
Appreciating all man made things
Believing in only what is proven
To the worldly science
One can't but realise
That we are part of this Universe
One among all the creatures
The planets and all the stars
Our lives connected
With the marvel of the universe
No human mightier than nature
No science greater than universal truth. 

Monday, September 28, 2015


Yours was a special life
Bound to your bed
Hidden from the world
You might have had lot of pain
Words that couldn't find voice
Feelings that couldn't find expression
And today as you bid farewell to this world
Hope your soul is finally rejoicing
To be able to fly freely
Not bound by the lamed body.

After death of a relative who was bedridden all his life.

Like the Moon

The moon that shines brightly
In the evening sky
Brighter as it draws closer to the Sun
Merely reflecting its light
So are we dark and empty
Without the light of the Divine
That we reflect
Shining brighter and brighter
As we get closer to the Light

After watching the Supermoon on Sep 29th early morning

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The cottony seed

Like the cottony seed
With the delicate beard like covering
She held you in her hand
Gently without spoiling your plumage
Carrying the precious life
Blowing slowly without hurting you
She made you fly, fly into the beautiful world!

To the world above

Losing the grip from the hands that held you
You fall unprepared, fearfully, into darkness
Unaware of the depth and the danger
You let go of all that was held close to the heart
Your mind shuts its eyes, blind to the world
You start rising up, unaware, to the world above!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shining soul

The shining soul
That which you like to hold and own
In your greed to possess
You manifest, your nails grow sharp
Your eyes go blind
Heart gets ruthless and unkind
You tear apart the soul
And the heart bleeds
Let the soul be free and float happily
Reaching its destination with the love of the world

The parting pain

The pain that penetrates through your heart
When a part of your being gets sliced away
That which had become part of your soul
Suddenly gets detached and moves away
Leaving you to heal by yourself
And grow fresh twigs of life

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Be ready to fly

Be ready to fly
Smoothing your wings
Choosing your target
Gaining all your strength
Steadying your mind
And as you fly high
I will watch you
Proudly, happily
As the tears wipe away all the pain!!

Letting you go

You might have come with a purpose
And I don't question you
I accept you with open hands
Accepting what god has offered
Whatever man might may say
I listen to His voice
Will hold you for a while
And let you go when you need to fly!!!

without any ruffle

She left the words behind
Those that are just sounds
That fizzles out in the space
Some might be music and some
That might break the chords
The words she left behind
Lay peacefully without
Any ruffle in the universe


The bubble in your hand
So lovely and colorful
A beautiful world
Filled with fantasies and joy
But don't be lost when it bursts
The bubbles are meant to be so
Treasures of life not to be possessed
But to watch and let it go
Watch each bubble and enjoy
The world that brings with it!