Wednesday, December 6, 2017

O mind

O mind, why you worry
You know it is all divine plan
What you lost is nothing
Compared to what you gained
You are now in the company of the sages
Whose mere presence
Fills your world with light and joy
Where love abounds and sweetness flows
Be thankful to those
Who pushed you into this eternal world!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Thaj Mahal

She wanted to build a Taj Mahal for her love
She stood still staring
At the space
The space stared back at her
In the emptiness
Her body took the form of a tower
The Thaj Mahal

Thank you

Though you think you won
The real victory is mine
What you have possessed maybe full of beauty 
But it hides pain inside
The pain which I gained after the loss
Hides eternal bliss with in
And I shall reach the highest destination
So I say thank you for giving me this pain
I shall relish the sweetness soon after the pain melts
While you painfully realise your loss!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Oh world!!!

Oh world,
Don't make a mould for me
There is no shape of my own
Dont try to give me a figure
and fit me inside
Please don't try to label me
and know me by that name
Don't try to grab me and
lock me inside the chambers of your mind
I have no form, no identity, no home
I dont belong to anywhere, to anyone
I flow in the universe freely
Feeling the pain of life

Last night someone closed be up in a bottle
and as I started thinking it was my world
the bottle broke!

Oh world, dont grab me 
And give me a place to call my own!!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

The hurtful plant

The plant grew
Thinking it is kind
It made friends
With whoever came near
But all of them bled
Hurt by its vicious thorns
None would hear it shout
To stay away
Its voice mixed with sweetness
Ignoring the warning
They went close to it
And bled!


For the world he is a pauper
But he is among the richest
His chambers full of love
Compassion and harmony
Words filled with kindness
Thoughts full of joy
Happy and content
Not asking for anything
From the world
Embracing it as one!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Like a warrior

Like a warrior
Who sets aside all his weapons
Burdened by the pain of wars
She untied all the beautiful ornaments
One after the other
The jewels that were once precious
And shone bright
Were now a burden and lackluster!

Monday, June 12, 2017


Where are the stars that shone so bright
The moon that spoke to your heart
Where is the bed of roses that was laid for you
The hands that always caught you when you fell
Where is the longing that made your heart beat faster
The beauty and the thrill of life
Where are you, Where am I
Who are you, who am I!


Clinging to life
Clinging to love
Gasping for air when you are drowning
Searching for some light in total darkness
Looking for a hand to walk together
That heart which beats together
The look that take you to eternity
The tender kiss that seals you from the world
Feeding on praises, kindness
Living like an insignificant giant
Surrender! Bow to the divine! Melt in the cosmos!

Friday, May 19, 2017

The tree

The tree shook itself
To let all those fruits  fall
That were hanging loosely on it
With only the firm ones remaining
The tree felt in peace
And less burdened
To focus steadily
On the purpose of existence!


Toiling tirelessly,
Working all the wakeful moments,
Unmindful to the luxuries of life, 
Your unrested feet
My dear ones,
Have taken you close to God
Without even your own knowing!

Waking up

Waking up from the long, deep slumber,
Closing her heart's Chambers
She gazed steadily at the light
Shining between her eyes
Walking firmly, without faltering
She stepped into eternity.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Without an address
A name, or any fame
Without any desires
And no possessions, 
She walks
Along the lanes of the world
Pausing, falling, laughing
Feeling the pain and joy of life

Monday, May 8, 2017


The vast open space beckons him
High up in the mountains
Where all you have to smile to
Are the stars, the rocks, the wind
And amidst them the silent souls
Who though unknown to you, knows you
Loves you, guides you
And makes you shine like a star
You leave behind everything
Even the precious ties
Not knowing what lays ahead
With empty hands and a barren heart
Walking ahead holding the string of life!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Safe from all the harm

Don’t lose that smile, don’t lose that hope
When weighed down with troubles
Try not to drown with it
But let the troubles sink down
Without you inside
Emerge from each darkness
With a greater radiance 

Keep that smile

Keep you safe from all the harm!