Monday, September 19, 2011

my dear

my dear, come, hold onto my hands
leave all your worries aside
and follow me

i shall take you to the shore
where you can heave a sigh of relief
to be free of life's shackles

you can trust me my child
you are the precious soul
the darling of the universe

hold onto my hands and let me take you ashore....!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


i surrender to thee, the divine one
please take charge of me
and take me along your path

all the words and action
each thought and gestures
let them arise from thee
like a headless mortal, i bow to you

the divine one, i surrender to you
please lead me with thine hands


she keeps failing again and again
falling into the traps of her own mind
when will she be able to set herself free
from the shackles of the evil spiralling inside her

the petals

The petals gets detached from the flower
and flies away in the gentle breeze
what was once a source of beauty
now stands as a reflection of truth

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

new sheath

her skin started peeling away
all the tarnished ones
she had to get rid of them
to let new soft speckless ones
cover her and give her a whole new feeling
of purity and the kindness
of the essence of life
may this new sheath never lose its shine

The ocean

The ocean seems silent, content with the world
but hidden in its depths are many stories
which it likes to say

hear, those who like to listen
the stories that come from the depths
just a few moments together

to gain strength to face the world with calm