Friday, August 31, 2007

A Flower

It was a pleasant summer morning
She stood under the tree which had lovely lavender blooms

Suddenly a wind blew
And the flowers fell on her like a shower of blessing

She felt very blessed as she enjoyed the wonderful feel
And sat down and gently picked one flower from the ground

The flower she preserved and stayed with her for long
It was a treasure, time captured in those tender petals

A token to look back and enjoy the beautiful moment!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Dry Leaf

The leaf was dry
It knew life was nearing the end

The corners of it started curling up
There was nothing for it to look for in the world

The world around it was dry
There were no rains, no river, nor any lake

But out of the blue, a kind soul came
And showered it with a pot full of water

The leaf looked out in bewilderment
It couldn’t believe what was happening

The leaf suddenly straightened up
The dried parts came alive, it became green

It was a pretty picture
With tiny droplets of water resting on it

The breeze saying sweet nothings
And brushing gently against it and making it sway along

The world looked brighter
All straightened up it looked around eagerly

Enjoying the world around
It thanked the kind soul who brought Life back

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Soaked in his love

Soaked in his love, she walks through the deserted moonlit street
It’s raining and you hear the thunder as the lightning strikes
Almost naked, she tries to cover herself
The wind is chilly and the rain drops pierce through her body
She tries to walk, dragging her feet
The rain is heavy and she is completely drenched;
Fully soaked in his love
She drags herself to the other end of the road for shelter.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Tears rolled down her face
There was nobody to wipe them off

She knew there won’t be anyone for her
All the pain were hers alone

Like the corals on the sea bed she lived
Unable to go to the world above

To feel the heat of the sun and to glow in its light
Only her tears understood her pain and it rolled down her cheeks.