Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The boys were gone and I was alone
It felt like my world was crumbling down

It was darkness all around
Life became still and I froze

I looked for some light
There wasnt any ray of hope

I fumbled, struggling to be on my feet
I turned back and started to retreat

I was choking and felt so heavy with grief
When suddenly I felt two little hands on my arms

I turned around and saw the two smiling faces
I was back in my world.

The Men n the Machine

They came, the Men with the Machine
They were loud and mean
They woke up the whole neighbourhood
And took away our homes

Yes, they were loud and mean
Who never cared for our life
I flew away with my friend
And perched on the nearby wall

As we sat looking at the place
Which was ours until a while ago
We wondered where to find a home again
We looked afar but found no place to go

There were no green, no trees or bushes
It was all tall towers of concrete and glass
This wasnt how god had made it
But its the Men and their Machine that made us homeless overnight.

Thank you

There's a new dawn , a new song
A cool gentle breeze caressing the face

There's a new joy and laughter
A whole new world that i belong

There's a new strength, a greater resolve
A helping hand waiting to take you ashore

There's a new light and new way
A sweet tender smile straight from the soul

There's beauty all around, it's lovely
A heart filled with happiness and love

There's no escape, nowhere to hide
And here's a thank you for making me feel the way i do.