Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the tree

as another flower withered and fell to the ground
severing the deep bond they shared
the tree watched in silence, unable to feel any emotion
it was happy when it had fresh blooms
it looked bright and lovely, and everyone loved to see
but one by one it would all wither away
and drop to the ground, with beauty lost and no beholders.
the tree bore the pain of the cylce of life
all alone unable to shed any tears!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

savithri sir

Savithri sir, our maths teacher
To whom we used to go after school
Not one of the typical dreadful maths teacher
But somebody who always had a shy smile
Who would cry if we didnt get the sum right

It was Savithri sir, yes we called her sir
Wonder why we called her so when she was
All encompassing compassionate loving figure
Probably its maths, which rings right in man's mind
Nevertheless, we owe it to her for evenings full of life

She was nice and so very sweet
With a home full of warmth
She wanted all of us to score very high
Its thanks to her i got 99.5
0.5 lost for me being the careless me

For you Savithri sir, i dedicate these words
You are so kind and we want you to hold your head high
And be proud as we remember you with fondest of thoughts!

Lovely world

i wait to go back home
to her warm smile

the day’s toil seems so little
when she welcomes me
lovingly with open arms

she opens up a whole new world
filled with beautiful fluttering butterflies
blooming bright flowers with the morning dew
calm comforting sky, birds singing sweet melodies
sun rays caringly awakening you to a bright day

i wait to go back home to her warm smile
into her open arms!

no loud noises, no mean acts
people happy with the gifts of god
life thriving all around, in different forms
a lovely world where everyone got a place

i wait go back home to her warm smile
she opens up a whole new world for me!!!