Monday, November 17, 2008

for you

for you my dear i have left my heart open
that all my love will flow out for you freely

my open palms are laid out in front of you
for you to place your tender feet and take tiny steps

my senses watch over you through the day and night
that nothing ever hurts you and make you feel any pain

for you my dear i pray from the depth of my heart
that you shall never have to shed any tear

but if you still have any tears that makes you weep
i shall kiss them dry and make you feel fine

for as you become a part of me without any reason
my heart beats along with your's in harmony

but my dear for all the love i shower upon thee
dont you ever say you love me
for i know you will be never be mine!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the tree

as another flower withered and fell to the ground
severing the deep bond they shared
the tree watched in silence, unable to feel any emotion
it was happy when it had fresh blooms
it looked bright and lovely, and everyone loved to see
but one by one it would all wither away
and drop to the ground, with beauty lost and no beholders.
the tree bore the pain of the cylce of life
all alone unable to shed any tears!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

savithri sir

Savithri sir, our maths teacher
To whom we used to go after school
Not one of the typical dreadful maths teacher
But somebody who always had a shy smile
Who would cry if we didnt get the sum right

It was Savithri sir, yes we called her sir
Wonder why we called her so when she was
All encompassing compassionate loving figure
Probably its maths, which rings right in man's mind
Nevertheless, we owe it to her for evenings full of life

She was nice and so very sweet
With a home full of warmth
She wanted all of us to score very high
Its thanks to her i got 99.5
0.5 lost for me being the careless me

For you Savithri sir, i dedicate these words
You are so kind and we want you to hold your head high
And be proud as we remember you with fondest of thoughts!

Lovely world

i wait to go back home
to her warm smile

the day’s toil seems so little
when she welcomes me
lovingly with open arms

she opens up a whole new world
filled with beautiful fluttering butterflies
blooming bright flowers with the morning dew
calm comforting sky, birds singing sweet melodies
sun rays caringly awakening you to a bright day

i wait to go back home to her warm smile
into her open arms!

no loud noises, no mean acts
people happy with the gifts of god
life thriving all around, in different forms
a lovely world where everyone got a place

i wait go back home to her warm smile
she opens up a whole new world for me!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

caring arms

came into the world with a loud cry
but soon learnt to smile
life looked bright and nice
cuddled up in mamma's caring arms

so many people moving here and there
pausing to give a nice warm smile
life looked bright and nice
cuddled up in mamma's caring arms

the world got bigger as i began to grow
saw more shades that were bright and grey
but there was no moment to ponder
as life lead on with all its force

too many hues and too many images
not always all that pleasant
the bright, piercing blinding lights
forcing my feet off the ground

the fear the uncertainty and the void
made me search for those caring arms
that gave me warmth when i just arrived!

Monday, August 11, 2008


When the world became too little
Rose the feeling to rise above
Breaking the bond from the ground
Floating among the clouds
Fully enamoured by one's own vision
Blind to the innocence and pain
Of the kind,loving souls.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It rained last night!

Last night it rained
The earth quivered
As the tiny droplets
Fell on it as though
They were caressing her
Loving her and assuring
Of the beauty of life
The earth bloomed
As new Life sprouted
Bringing in new colours
And new fragrances
She revelled in joy
But soon the rain drops turned red
The world turned a battleground
With bloodshed all around
And beauty lost, happiness unfound
She looked on with deep unbearable pain
Tear drops and blood making her quiver again!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Forgive me...

Forgive me if i am not sweet
It is because i am not meant to be sweet but to be honest

Forgive me if i dont smile
It is because i am nothing but a reflection of the world around

Forgive me if i dont extend my hand
It is only because my hands are too weak to render any support

Forgive me if i dont understand your tender feelings
It is because i am tough treading rough troughs

Forgive me if i dont take your word
It is because i dont trust anybody but myself

Forgive me if i hurt you
It is because i fail to understand feelings

Forgive me if i dont share with you
It is because i am too close to myself

Forgive me if i am rude
It is because truth can be bitter

Forgive me if i dont laugh with you
It is because i can't laugh when i see pain

Forgive me if i dont chat with you
It is because life is too deep for shallow talks

Forgive me if i am indifferent
It is because i dont understand life

Forgive me if i dont know the ways of the world
It is because the world is too much for me

Forgive me if i wrong
It is because it is human to err

Forgive me for all my faults
It is because i am not perfect!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The show got over!

The show got over and everything came to a stand still
The seats were empty without the animated faces
That filled the hall untill a while ago
The bright lights that lit up the evening were turned off
Darkness loomed all over, as he groped in the dark
Aimlessly with an empty but heavy heart

The stage that was brimming with great energy
As the artist moved vibrantly, creating
Celestic images to the soulful music;
The divine melody that reverberated all around
Is now abrubtly shrouded by silence and darkness
As though life has just been snatched away

He was happy and had people all around him
But now he was left all alone, not knowing
Where to go nor what to do; His heart empty but heavy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Everlasting bliss!

When even the butterflies cheat
What's there in the world to look for
But wait for the end of the road
Whereby you will be liberated into
A whole new world of everlasting bliss!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Not afraid!

In the silence the words were clear
In the darkness the image was near
The voice that came straight from the heart
The vision that captivates you like art
Like an ocean that's calm and wide
The men who have cut their chords fine
Not afraid of the solitude, darkness and quiet!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


She might have lost the battle
But she deserves an olive crown
For her faith and her love for life!
The winner might get all the glory
But hers is a story of survival
Which the fainthearted could read!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Delving deep, she discovered
That there is nothing
Which she could call her own
The world, the feelings, the people
All were nothing but an illusion
A reflection of the temporary life

As the world unfolded infront of her
She reflected the vivid images
Like a gleaming mirror
Without any image or song of its own
There was nothing in the world
That she could change or possess!

Words of Burden

They were just words
The only things that she had
It told her story
Of how she felt within
Love, longing, joy and pain
And all that her heart knew

While the world longs for some love
She gave away all that she had
Words of love, longing, joy and pain
Said without any restrain
Life burdened by her words
He begged to be left alone!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

March ahead

something doesnt seem to be right
you can't put yourself behind
nothing else should matter but you
for you need to lead on your own
pulling thyself of all the troubles

there is no need to hesitate
nobody is going to stay
march ahead, you will feel stronger
you will see the light in the end
destiny waiting for you with open arms!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Inner voice

There was a voice that I could hear
Coming from nowhere and trying to say
Something that I didn't want to hear

I carried on without caring
And took that hasty step
Despite the warning that I heard

Yet again the damage was done
Misery brought about by an hasty act
Wish as always in the end
That I heeded to my Inner Voice!

Friday, June 6, 2008

For the Kind Brave Souls

This is for the kind brave souls
Who stopped by at the busy junction
To help ease out the traffic chaos

These are the souls that you seldom find
Whom you need to build the nation
Those who keep their self aside
For the better of the world!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A lotus bloomed

The mind fought to conquer the deadly serpent
A manifestation of the selfish love
Emanating from the seat of evil

Struggling to win over the growing serpent
The mind closed its eye and gained strength
And overpowered the vicious creature
As a thousand petal lotus bloomed

Victimised soul

Sick and languishing in the hospital bed
He was struggling to rest his mind
As the telephone rang

Thoughtless would be the caller
Whose incessant calls made him miserable
Unable to move his hand to lift the phone

Destiny played its cruel part yet again
Victimising and torturing an innocent soul
For the thoughtless act of an uncaring mind

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Spiteful Love

You can't blame me now, she said
As she had asked him to kill
The spiteful creature wound around his neck
Slowly choking and leading him to death

She gave it life
Thinking it would bear fruits of love
Not realising that it would turn into a deadly serpent
Leading to misery

It isn't too late, she said
He could free himself of the vicious creature
That has wound itself around him
And making him unable to move

Kill it, show no mercy
Love that hurts isn't true love
Kill it, show no mercy
She wants to be free of the spiteful love!

Monday, May 5, 2008

An ode to a sweet soul

An ode to the sweet soul
Who flew to the land where her roots are

Like a butterfly with tender wings
She amused the curious eyes with her unique beauty

Colourful she was and had lot of stories to tell
Which she did guarding herself from the prying eyes

The dance of the land lured her
Dwelling deep, her body created beautiful images

The divine movements
Creating a stream of visuals connecting you to the world above

She found a new voice to tell her stories
Through the mesmerizing art that overflowed in her heart

Her stories reached far and wide
Spreading the dance of the hinterland that allured her

But would anyone see her as the little butterfly she is
Who once stole the heart of a curious onlooker?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best Emotion!

He said to nurture Love
No other feeling is worth knowing

Realise the feeling inside you
And share it abundantly

Dont ponder over other emotions
As love is the best to feel and to give!

No more longing for anyone!

She waited in the crowded lobby
For the man who stole her heart

She was waiting for this moment
When her eyes would meet his’

There was so much she wanted to say
Which he could read from her eyes

People pushed past her to get
A glimpse of their favorite idol

He had arrived but with a lady by his side
No ordinary lady she was but a reigning star

They walked past her as though she didn’t exist
But he looked at her for a very brief moment

She couldn’t tell him anything nor could he
Time came to a standstill as she realized

She was a Nobody amidst the cheering crowd
Dejected, she turned to leave dragging herself

As she walked a while the world appeared to light up
She was delighted as everything looked bright and colourful

As though a new world welcomed her
She rejoiced and all her pain was washed away

And she no more longed for anyone!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Both did win!

With dancing bells on their feet
Both the dancers were ready
To cast their magic spell

While one chose to touch the heart
The other chose to touch the soul;
With their divine and rich artform

Hearts she won and the admiring glances
While the other took a different course
She won the souls and their acclaim!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He became a Yogi!

The world was unfair to him
His mind was filled with anger
And heart full of sadness

God had made him special
He was not an ordinary soul,
Who could be easily understood

He wanted the world to be fair
And fought all that was unjust
Making people move away from him

As loneliness became his companion
He realised the world was nothing
But a thin delicate bubble

Walking away from this momentary world
Leaving all his desires behind
He became a Yogi!

When I Go to Heaven

When I go to heaven I shall shower you
With flowers of sweet fragrance

As it fall all around you
Your life shall reflect its beauty

I would remove all the hurdles from your path
And fill it with red roses

I shall wipe away all your tears
And fear shall no more be with you

The world will see your beautiful heart
And would smile back at you

There shall be happiness all around you
As you will be blessed with everything nice

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Music

There is music flowing
From a distant far

It finds its way into my heart
And engulfs it with joy

I dance to the new music
With my body and soul

There is magic in the air
As i romanticize with the new melody

My heart overflows with a new found love
I want to dance to this music till my feet fail

Let this music never stop to reach me
Granting thus the happiness that I always sought!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I rejoice

Like a whiff of fresh fragrance
In the cool gentle breeze
You came and made me relish
The beautiful feeling

As you awaken my heart and soul
And soothe them with lovely words
That comes straight from your heart;
I rejoice!


She fought without realising
That she already lost the battle

There are some things in life
Which you can't fight for

God knowingly gives you
Things that you dearly need

Sometimes when you lose
Don’t have to feel heart broken

Since He will bring you
Things that you dearly need!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trusting in You

Is He testing me always
By throwing hurdles at me?

Is He trying to come closer
By taking people far from me?

He taught me about people
How easily they change colour!

It is only in Him I can trust
Who pulls me up each time I fall

He is my strength, my saviour
And He has blessed me abundantly

I thank Him for his unconditional love,
For showing the light and the way

And bringing blessed people close to me;
Without whom it wouldn't have been easy!