Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hide n seek

Why do you play Hide n Seek with me
Like the moon that often vanish under the clouds
Should I always search for you
Is this a game that you play
Or is it the way that life is made to be
That all the precious things in life
You find only when you seek!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Dont say goodbye again
It is too late for yet another
it wasnt you nor me
who brought us together
when in that brief moment
our hearts smiled
but how can we seal that moment
and build a future on it
to make our hearts think
that it belongs to the other
there are many things in the world
that we like to posses
but sometimes we rejoice
just to know that they exist
whether or not they belong to you

we were happy that we existed
to listen to what our hearts spoke
but  how can we seal the happiness and
build a dream on it that will last forever
as we pass this world from known to unknown
from heart to heart, from place to place
there are many dreams that we like to dream
many things that we like to behold
but our destiny is far away beyond this world

i was happy to stop by you
to smile and lisen to your words
but how can i make your heart my resting place
when i have miles to go before i reach where i belong

travel with me as far as you can
to share life's special moments and to smile
making life's journey a pleasant one for you and me

dont say a goodbye again, it is too late in my life for yet another!

Why this fury?

Why this fury dear mother
Have we been so mean to you
Is there nothing we can do
To make things better
To correct all our mistakes

In the madness of our greed
we forgot to think about you
to care and listen to you
wont you forgive us and
give us one more chance

Shall keep the ears on your bossom and listen
to the many feelings that you have been hiding within
would like to offer you the best
for the largeness of your heart
the one that gave birth to all the things around
bearing the good and the bad
never letting anyone down

we have been nasty, we reaslise, we want to apologise
we want a chance to make things better
to serve you and take care of you
to get back the beautiful world that you created

please let go of this fury, we bow our head in shame!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not what i want!

I know this is not what i want
when my heart was bleeding, i wanted to reach out to you
to lighten the pain and to wash away the tears of my soul
but you looked at me with a mans' eye and i know
I know this is not what i want

I took your hand to soothe my heart
but you crushed it with your wily palm
hurting and bleeding it further
the tears flowing from my soul
and I know this is not what i want

Saturday, September 29, 2012


the words come from deep within,
where my soul resides
when they are uttered, it can reach
the space close to yours
touching and awakening it,
and making it hear the truths of life!


Slowly, inch by inch while your body gives away
and you start becoming part of nothingness
your soul dances to fight the fear of loneliness
the strange feeling of losing the ones you love
and erasing your human face
to reflect the nature of the universal truth

Saturday, September 8, 2012


why have you spread this beautiful bed for me?
i am too scared to sleep!!!

reaching out

She tried to reach out to
the one who smiled at her
she rushed to her with her pounding heart
to utter all the words that was
taking life inside her, ready to be heard
only as she reached very close to her
did she know that she couldnt hear
any words that the world uttered!


she wished her sweetest wish
dreamt it happen many a times
finally when it was going to be true
she realised that it was a dream
to be lived just as a dream.
Can life be so sweet as your sweetest dream?


She chose a clean path
without any secret tunnels
the destination was far away
and too hard to reach
whilst she saw a few
who were making wily treads
she thought with her neat steps
she would be the chosen one
but at the end of the journey
she realised, that it is the destination
that really matters and not the treads
though perhaps the divine would
make an abode in clean and pure hearts!

when you let go

Did you know
that when you let go
of your heart's
dearest possession
the world will be kinder
and ready to give you
what you really seek!

Stars Shining

the stars shining so bright
the heavens smiling at you
amazed, you lift yourself up
from that painful fall, to feel elated
and you smile, smile at the world
and decide to stay in that moment forever!

But why the stars never shone so bright before
And let her in the dark so long, without a smile?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

take me

take me closer to you
and wrap me up
allow me not to see
all that is not real
let me listen to you
make your words louder
that i dont hear any other
show me the path to you
that i dont stray, with world's
vicious calls!


as she closed her eyes
she became part of infinity
the stars shone all around
all that she was, disappeared
into this infinity, the divinity


fireflies twinkling
heaven close to earth
the string of life
swaying to the
music of soul
in the silence
of the dark still night
their hearts spoke

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do Not

Do not ask me what I will do nor what I did
My yesterday i have lost it in memory
and tomorrow is not envisioned
Duties un-laid, suspended in the moment
I lay savoring the beauty, the pulse of the universe.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

the fumes

inside the glass bottle secured with a cork
the fumes moved about in its nascent form
and suddenly the seal was forced open
the fumes gushing out
mixing with the particles in the space
gaining new shades, and fragrance
in its new form, it felt being part of a bigger universe

Sunday, March 18, 2012

the dirt

the water might bring dirt too at times
to the shore,
but does the shore complain?
it always welcomes the sea
the waves of water that is its constant visitor

Saturday, February 25, 2012


from nothingness arises the absolute
when you surrender completely, you gain
what will an overfilled pot collect
hold a pot with a drain
which can receive all that is offered
burn everything inside you and be just smoke
and dissolve into the vastness of the universe
in the stillness enfolding the secret of life

Friday, February 17, 2012

Our salutes

The path ahead of you is well laid out
It may be a lonely walk but no need to look back
We shall be watching you from behind
As you walk the distance, far away
Till you become one with the absolute
Our salutes and our greatest devotion
To you, our guiding light, our beloved

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

thank you

Thank you for cushioning my each fall
Why are you so kind to me
When i am not half as nice
As you want me to be

pierce through

like a baby coming out from the womb
she wanted to pierce through all the layers
and stand tall amid-st the vastness
facing the eternal sky,
with the strength of a warrior
and compassion of a mother

the fiercest

the most fiercest one might be guarding
a precious pearl deep within
though not smiling at the world
but loving the ones near
the world might go unseen
the light inside the dark facade
the ones whose heart she touches
never doubts her greatness

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


dear mother, dont ever leave me
you are my strength and my solace
please forgive all my sinful acts
lead me, i like to follow your path
let me not be allured by the worldly charms
but even if i am will you forgive me and still
open your arms to me when i reach for you??


her gait was heavy and purposeful
her each step, gently touching the earth
without breaking the silence
the sweet smile on her face and the steady soft gaze
the world seemed rooted in her tresses
what shall i call her, the beautiful vision in front of me
goddess ofcourse, nothing less!

let her dance

give the freedom for the heart to dance
it doesnt know any language nor any rules
allow her to dance the way she wants
freely, without any barriers
to the joy of life, the existence,
let her dance to the glory of life!

your dance

please begin your dance and en-swathe me with it
let the energy of the universe flow
creating spectacular vibes of life, the shakti
want to get into the rhythm of your dance
stepping on the world, crushing the evils under the feet
tiding over the many waves and reach eternity

your love

i know how much you can love and
and how much you will care
it will be a great loss but
how selfish can i be
to take all that you give
and not make you happy
am glad you can finally give your love
to someone who can love you back
as much as you do

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

your words

remember the words you told me that night?
when the sands were kissed by the moonlight
the breeze, after their dalliance with the waves
kept blowing on you whispering sweet nothings
remember those words which you uttered to me
under that vast magical sky?

will you tell me those words again
my heart wants to listen to them
and dance, drenched completely with love
those words, which may not mean anything to you
but are precious to me and wish to
wrap them up in a bundle in the softest of silk
to rest my head upon in the night
as i sleep, those words comforting me in the
silence of the darkness and of life
will you tell me those words again?