Monday, May 19, 2008

A lotus bloomed

The mind fought to conquer the deadly serpent
A manifestation of the selfish love
Emanating from the seat of evil

Struggling to win over the growing serpent
The mind closed its eye and gained strength
And overpowered the vicious creature
As a thousand petal lotus bloomed

Victimised soul

Sick and languishing in the hospital bed
He was struggling to rest his mind
As the telephone rang

Thoughtless would be the caller
Whose incessant calls made him miserable
Unable to move his hand to lift the phone

Destiny played its cruel part yet again
Victimising and torturing an innocent soul
For the thoughtless act of an uncaring mind

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Spiteful Love

You can't blame me now, she said
As she had asked him to kill
The spiteful creature wound around his neck
Slowly choking and leading him to death

She gave it life
Thinking it would bear fruits of love
Not realising that it would turn into a deadly serpent
Leading to misery

It isn't too late, she said
He could free himself of the vicious creature
That has wound itself around him
And making him unable to move

Kill it, show no mercy
Love that hurts isn't true love
Kill it, show no mercy
She wants to be free of the spiteful love!

Monday, May 5, 2008

An ode to a sweet soul

An ode to the sweet soul
Who flew to the land where her roots are

Like a butterfly with tender wings
She amused the curious eyes with her unique beauty

Colourful she was and had lot of stories to tell
Which she did guarding herself from the prying eyes

The dance of the land lured her
Dwelling deep, her body created beautiful images

The divine movements
Creating a stream of visuals connecting you to the world above

She found a new voice to tell her stories
Through the mesmerizing art that overflowed in her heart

Her stories reached far and wide
Spreading the dance of the hinterland that allured her

But would anyone see her as the little butterfly she is
Who once stole the heart of a curious onlooker?