Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Both did win!

With dancing bells on their feet
Both the dancers were ready
To cast their magic spell

While one chose to touch the heart
The other chose to touch the soul;
With their divine and rich artform

Hearts she won and the admiring glances
While the other took a different course
She won the souls and their acclaim!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He became a Yogi!

The world was unfair to him
His mind was filled with anger
And heart full of sadness

God had made him special
He was not an ordinary soul,
Who could be easily understood

He wanted the world to be fair
And fought all that was unjust
Making people move away from him

As loneliness became his companion
He realised the world was nothing
But a thin delicate bubble

Walking away from this momentary world
Leaving all his desires behind
He became a Yogi!

When I Go to Heaven

When I go to heaven I shall shower you
With flowers of sweet fragrance

As it fall all around you
Your life shall reflect its beauty

I would remove all the hurdles from your path
And fill it with red roses

I shall wipe away all your tears
And fear shall no more be with you

The world will see your beautiful heart
And would smile back at you

There shall be happiness all around you
As you will be blessed with everything nice