Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hide n seek

Why do you play Hide n Seek with me
Like the moon that often vanish under the clouds
Should I always search for you
Is this a game that you play
Or is it the way that life is made to be
That all the precious things in life
You find only when you seek!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Dont say goodbye again
It is too late for yet another
it wasnt you nor me
who brought us together
when in that brief moment
our hearts smiled
but how can we seal that moment
and build a future on it
to make our hearts think
that it belongs to the other
there are many things in the world
that we like to posses
but sometimes we rejoice
just to know that they exist
whether or not they belong to you

we were happy that we existed
to listen to what our hearts spoke
but  how can we seal the happiness and
build a dream on it that will last forever
as we pass this world from known to unknown
from heart to heart, from place to place
there are many dreams that we like to dream
many things that we like to behold
but our destiny is far away beyond this world

i was happy to stop by you
to smile and lisen to your words
but how can i make your heart my resting place
when i have miles to go before i reach where i belong

travel with me as far as you can
to share life's special moments and to smile
making life's journey a pleasant one for you and me

dont say a goodbye again, it is too late in my life for yet another!

Why this fury?

Why this fury dear mother
Have we been so mean to you
Is there nothing we can do
To make things better
To correct all our mistakes

In the madness of our greed
we forgot to think about you
to care and listen to you
wont you forgive us and
give us one more chance

Shall keep the ears on your bossom and listen
to the many feelings that you have been hiding within
would like to offer you the best
for the largeness of your heart
the one that gave birth to all the things around
bearing the good and the bad
never letting anyone down

we have been nasty, we reaslise, we want to apologise
we want a chance to make things better
to serve you and take care of you
to get back the beautiful world that you created

please let go of this fury, we bow our head in shame!