Wednesday, January 11, 2012


dear mother, dont ever leave me
you are my strength and my solace
please forgive all my sinful acts
lead me, i like to follow your path
let me not be allured by the worldly charms
but even if i am will you forgive me and still
open your arms to me when i reach for you??


her gait was heavy and purposeful
her each step, gently touching the earth
without breaking the silence
the sweet smile on her face and the steady soft gaze
the world seemed rooted in her tresses
what shall i call her, the beautiful vision in front of me
goddess ofcourse, nothing less!

let her dance

give the freedom for the heart to dance
it doesnt know any language nor any rules
allow her to dance the way she wants
freely, without any barriers
to the joy of life, the existence,
let her dance to the glory of life!

your dance

please begin your dance and en-swathe me with it
let the energy of the universe flow
creating spectacular vibes of life, the shakti
want to get into the rhythm of your dance
stepping on the world, crushing the evils under the feet
tiding over the many waves and reach eternity

your love

i know how much you can love and
and how much you will care
it will be a great loss but
how selfish can i be
to take all that you give
and not make you happy
am glad you can finally give your love
to someone who can love you back
as much as you do

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

your words

remember the words you told me that night?
when the sands were kissed by the moonlight
the breeze, after their dalliance with the waves
kept blowing on you whispering sweet nothings
remember those words which you uttered to me
under that vast magical sky?

will you tell me those words again
my heart wants to listen to them
and dance, drenched completely with love
those words, which may not mean anything to you
but are precious to me and wish to
wrap them up in a bundle in the softest of silk
to rest my head upon in the night
as i sleep, those words comforting me in the
silence of the darkness and of life
will you tell me those words again?