Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best Emotion!

He said to nurture Love
No other feeling is worth knowing

Realise the feeling inside you
And share it abundantly

Dont ponder over other emotions
As love is the best to feel and to give!

No more longing for anyone!

She waited in the crowded lobby
For the man who stole her heart

She was waiting for this moment
When her eyes would meet his’

There was so much she wanted to say
Which he could read from her eyes

People pushed past her to get
A glimpse of their favorite idol

He had arrived but with a lady by his side
No ordinary lady she was but a reigning star

They walked past her as though she didn’t exist
But he looked at her for a very brief moment

She couldn’t tell him anything nor could he
Time came to a standstill as she realized

She was a Nobody amidst the cheering crowd
Dejected, she turned to leave dragging herself

As she walked a while the world appeared to light up
She was delighted as everything looked bright and colourful

As though a new world welcomed her
She rejoiced and all her pain was washed away

And she no more longed for anyone!