Saturday, September 29, 2012


the words come from deep within,
where my soul resides
when they are uttered, it can reach
the space close to yours
touching and awakening it,
and making it hear the truths of life!


Slowly, inch by inch while your body gives away
and you start becoming part of nothingness
your soul dances to fight the fear of loneliness
the strange feeling of losing the ones you love
and erasing your human face
to reflect the nature of the universal truth

Saturday, September 8, 2012


why have you spread this beautiful bed for me?
i am too scared to sleep!!!

reaching out

She tried to reach out to
the one who smiled at her
she rushed to her with her pounding heart
to utter all the words that was
taking life inside her, ready to be heard
only as she reached very close to her
did she know that she couldnt hear
any words that the world uttered!


she wished her sweetest wish
dreamt it happen many a times
finally when it was going to be true
she realised that it was a dream
to be lived just as a dream.
Can life be so sweet as your sweetest dream?


She chose a clean path
without any secret tunnels
the destination was far away
and too hard to reach
whilst she saw a few
who were making wily treads
she thought with her neat steps
she would be the chosen one
but at the end of the journey
she realised, that it is the destination
that really matters and not the treads
though perhaps the divine would
make an abode in clean and pure hearts!

when you let go

Did you know
that when you let go
of your heart's
dearest possession
the world will be kinder
and ready to give you
what you really seek!

Stars Shining

the stars shining so bright
the heavens smiling at you
amazed, you lift yourself up
from that painful fall, to feel elated
and you smile, smile at the world
and decide to stay in that moment forever!

But why the stars never shone so bright before
And let her in the dark so long, without a smile?